Trecieffe’s history dates back to 1984, when the founding partners Crosato Antonio, Crosato Ivo, Crosato Zeno and Frau Vincenzo decided to set up their own business, with the vision of creating unique pieces and providing a great attention to details in order to meet even the most challenging customer’s requirements.


Trecieffe represents the common project of four cousins who decided to share their experiences and skills acquired in many years working in the Venetian country first, directly in contact with the earth hand its products, and then in the steel industry.


What at the beginning was just the small business of some craftsmen working in the courtyard of their family house, developed in time to become one of the most renowned manufacturing companies of stainless steel tanks in Italy and abroad.
Since the beginning, the company, a new player in the market, attracted the attention of customers by becoming more and more able to improve and expand: it purchased new equipment and enlarged its team by hiring the first employees. The room was no longer enough in Silea, where the first premises were located. This is why, with a large investment, the entire staff moved to San Biagio di Callalta in a new, more modern, bigger building where production could be carried out in a more technological way, yet not losing the tradition and craftsmanship still characterising Trecieffe’s soul.


Today the business numbers about 30 people, not just workers and employees but rather professionals who are directly involved in corporate life. Thanks to their craft skills and abilities in steel processing, they can be considered as real masters.


It’s been over 30 years since the company foundation and today, like at that time, Trecieffe can offer the same unique quality, standing out from the competition for the company staff’s skills and availability, allowing to satisfy even the most demanding requirements, and for the special care taken for the aesthetic beauty of the products well-finished in every detail.