This is the height of innovation for fermentation

Traditional fermentation vessels rapidly produce excessive amounts of carbon dioxide that escape from the tanks during the fermentation process, taking with them elements that are key to the product’s aroma, such as water, ethanol, higher alcohols and so on. Technically called stripping, the losses from this must be added to those from evaporation. AROMY was designed specifically to improve the fermentation of any liquid, especially the role of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that form the aroma of the fermented product. VOCs are best kept as part of the alcoholic beverage, regardless of whether this is something “common” like beer or wine, or perhaps a less well known drink produced through fermentation, such as  sakè, cider or mead.

Less aroma loss during fermentation, and recovery of condensed aromas.

Headspace temperature control.

Ability to alter a product’s aroma profile.

Ability to taste and monitor condensates during fermentation.

Products with more intense and differently complex aromas from the formation of “fruity” compounds.


Be part of our wine tasting event

To show the efficacy and the potentialities of this innovartive products, we are pleased to invite you to a special event where you’ll taste and compare the wines fermented through two winemaking processes, from our four wineries partner.

Taste the results of different winemaking processes:


– the first one with the use of AROMY
– the second one with traditional tanks

Our PARTNERS, who have been collaborating with us through the winemaking processes:

Research, design and technology, which have been looking towards the future.


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