The cascade performed in an isobaric system and the must racking by inertia without using any kind of mechanical elements ensuring a less aggressive winemaking process while reducing the risk of rupture.

reduction of scum formation

The reduction of scum formation, thanks to the aero-treading system. Using the CO2 released during fermentation, the dispersion of the marc cap occurs through a natural process without using any mechanical system.

Optimization of the extraction

The optimization of the extraction of organoleptic substances from the grape skin, also favored by the maintenance of the marc cap in a permanent immersion.

Automatic control

The automatic control of the operation from PLC.

Construction features

This revolutionary system can be customized in all its features, from the heat exchange bands, the bottom, and the size to the accessories.


Nectar is an innovative, patented wine-making system which does not use any type of mechanical components during the entire work cycle. About 10 % of the must contained in the fermenter is pushed through the recirculating pipe to reach the upper storage during processing. This happens thanks to the natural gases released during fermentation.


The two compartments communicate with each other through a check valve, allowing the must cascade to operate under isobaric conditions and the cap of mark to be wet in order to facilitate immersion.


After the cascade has taken place, the drain valve opens to let the CO2 within the must in the fermentation tank go upwards performing the aero-treading operation and dissolving the marc cap previously wet.

Forward-looking research, design and technologies


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